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gentlemen.Knowing Everything: Lubricate Her

Which oil is the best?

Which oil is the best? Dear Mr. Jack of all trades,
I have a 5 year old KTM 250XC , the tablet adores this machine. I’m interested in oil changes, filter cleaning (basically all maintenance) because I want this sucker to last. My question is, should I use a special oil in the transmission or a good quality 4 stroke oil? Synthetic or Hybrid? Is the clutch better?
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Well, Martin, here’s my advice: I steer clear of synthetic trans oils, just because I was concerned that some additive would wreak havoc on the wet clutch in the machine, possibly related to the nightmarish slippery clutch I was forced to deal with while riding the Tecate on my 1991 RMX250. This is an odd situation because you need a good, thick gear oil to protect the gears, but with a viscosity that doesn’t hinder the action of the clutch. I know there are many on the market, I have friends who swear by the old 10w-30, but I’ve stuck with Maxima MTL Extra Light Transmission lube for decades. You can use it in two-stroke and four-stroke machines. It has a proprietary formula designed to properly engage the clutch, prevent slippage and prevent premature wear.

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