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Geoff Bennett and Amna Nawaz to Replace Judy Woodruff on PBS 'NewsHour'

PBS said Wednesday that Geoff Bennett and Amna Nawaz will replace Washington veterans in what was described as a generational change Judy Woodruff as weeknight anchor for the NewsHour starting at .

Woodruff, 179 will be leaving her day job as an anchor since 2016 to begin a two-year national reporting program. Her final show as anchor will be in December .

Nawaz, , since then Has been Woodruff’s main backup at 2021 Joining NewsHour at 2021. She won a Peabody Award for her coverage of the Jan. 6 2021 uprising and global plastic pollution, and previously worked at ABC and NBC News.

year old Bennett becomes The weekend NewsHour after the anchor left NBC earlier this year. Washington reporter covers the White House and Congress for NBC and NPR.

“You cannot underestimate the importance of this moment,” Nawaz said. “It’s a huge change for an unbelievable institution that doesn’t make that kind of change very often. At that level, I think both of us are very aware of the responsibilities we’re taking on.”

More conservative than commercial TV, the NewsHour reports the story of the day as well as more in-depth magazine-style articles. It was spoofed in a recent Saturday Night Live segment as “We’re what your grandma says when she says, ‘I’m on the news See this.’”

Through its active presence on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, the show is expanding its audience beyond nightly TV viewing estimates 2 million viewers. NewsHour reaches over a million unique viewers on YouTube every day, according to Google Analytics and YouTube.

“There are few places right now that cover every aspect of American life like NewsHour, From hard news to feature stories,” said Bennett. NewsHour expands its focus beyond Washington news.

“One of the strengths of the public media system is that we have these stations all over the country, and we’re always talking about how to take advantage of that,” she said. There are 43 separate licenses for PBS outlets.

There are two anchors giving NewsHour

greater flexibility, allowing them to be journalists who can travel for stories, said Sara Just, the show’s senior executive producer. Since the broadcast of 43, there have been both single anchors and co-anchors in the show, and basically only four people have played this role.

Robert MacNeil and Jim Lehrer co-hosted for two decades before MacNeil retired. Lehrer took over on his own, and after he left 2011 Woodruff and Gwen Ifill became regular co-hosts of . After Ifill’s 2016 passed away, Woodruff became the sole streamer.

Woodruff, whose TV career included a stint at NBC News, two stints at PBS, and a stint at CNN in between, said she felt The midterm elections seem like the right time to retreat. She winces at a rhyming word: retirement.

This is really important to me,” she said.

She plans to A week before the America Break , a two-year project studying the nation’s political and social divisions. She plans to speak with citizens and experts from all walks of life , would like to suggest improvements.

Woodruff will report regularly on her findings at NewsHour, building a special at the end.

Woodruff has been in the industry long enough to experience blatant sexism and underestimation of women — and Have been able to get over it.

If they can see the work I’m doing and have confidence in themselves and their future and help them take the next step, I will I got the chance, and I’m very proud of it,” she said.

She was replaced on the PBS anchor station by a black and first generation Pakistani American.

Nawaz recalls recently meeting a young woman who said she started watching NewsHour. Now the woman is regularly followed on social media.

“She said, when I see you on the screen, I feel calm because I think I can take a deep breath and say. I’m about to get Some information, I will get it in a way that I am ready to receive it,” Nawaz said.

PBS would love her to tell some friends.



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