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'George & Tammy' Review: Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in Showtime's Sensitive Portrait of the Country Music Superstar

See new loves George Jones (Michael Shannon) and Tammy Wynette (Jessica Chastain) Performing together in a bar, country music producer Billy Sherrill (David Wilson Barnes) pays attention to the crowd’s rapturous reaction.

” Richey (Steve Zahn) is next to him. “George And Tammy is every man who has loved a woman, and every woman who has loved a man. ’ Richie implied it was “just poetry,” but Billy saw something else. “Not poetry. Commerce,” he said, pausing before adding: “I think poetry, too. ”

George and Tammy

Bottom line Chastain and Shannon are a match made in heaven.

aired Date:
Sunday, December 4 (Showtime and Paramount Network)
Throwing: Jessica Chastain, Michael Shannon, Steve Zahn, Kelly McCormack, Walton Goggins, David Wilson Barnes
Creator: Abe Sylvia

These two are indeed on Showtime The George is inextricably linked & Tammy , which charts a relationship in which rowdy romance feeds chart-topping music, and vice versa. But it’s the first part of Billy’s statement that really gets to the heart of the series. Most importantly, this is a love story almost as gripping and sad as the tune that brought the couple to fame.

Chastain Vehicle, Tammy Faye’s eyes 70) by 90John Hillcoat (
Triple 9
), the miniseries does not aim to reinvent the artist biography wheel. It is structured as a fairly simple chronicle of the pair’s journey – from when they were in first meeting in the late s to their difficult marriage in’90 until they are in ‘Final collaboration in s. (“Why would we let divorce ruin a perfectly good partnership?” Tammy asks wryly.)

It also doesn’t quite steer clear of music business drama clichés like wigs and Deploying hits as overly literal descriptions of events we’ve already seen. Its premise is reminiscent of Walk the Line
or A star is born , especially in the first Focuses on Tammy as a rising star on the Nashville scene, and George as a slightly faded man suffering from such a severe alcohol addiction that his bandmate (Walton Goggins) Forced to tape his knees in order to keep him upright enough to perform.

But perhaps because it’s based on a memoir written by someone so entangled in their lives – their only biological daughter, Georgette Jones – the point of view of the series remains remarkably intimate and To get personal, focus first on the relationship itself as the two of them experience it. To tell this story, George & Tammy gives the luxury of time itself. Although the series is a fast-paced one, as it covers roughly a quarter of a century in six-hour episodes, great care is taken not to rush into moments that compose these decades. It leaves room for uncertain silences, meaningful glimpses, moments of playfulness with the children, or argument after argument over time.

Best of all, it stays in the way of Tammy and George, just look to each other, Chastain and Shannon speak through the way their eyes light up or darken or soften around each other. It should come as no surprise that both perform well (even if their impressive singing voices do). But in their scenes together, their strong chemistry seems to bring each of them to life.

From this first-hand perspective, labels and stereotypes that may apply from a distance tend to melt away. Not only is Tammy a meek little woman who stands by the man who has wronged her, she is also an ambitious genius who loves more than she reserves, until it is not. George is horrible drunk and George & Tammy The tragic description of his violent atrocities does not excuse his behaviour. But he’s more than the sum of his worst habits, and the series takes pains to showcase the integral tenderness and humor of his personality. You can judge their choices—the series is well aware of how destructive and tragic many of them end up being—but you’ll at least see how they did it.

The price of this intimacy is a sense of scope. The duo’s meteoric rise to success can be seen in snippets of conversation about charts and records, or in footage of glamorous venues and raucous crowds. Tammy and George’s place in country music history or culture more generally is hinted at here and there, a question from a fan about Tammy’s anti-feminist message, or a question from a radio host to George about his take on modern country The question of the perception of music. But the series doesn’t linger on these issues long enough to make any particular statement about what George and Tammy’s lives and careers might represent to anyone other than them. For that matter, it doesn’t even dig deep into their relationships with people in their inner circle, like their next spouse or their children.

However, from a certain point of view, this narrowness is not so much a limitation as an expression of empathy. Throughout George & Tammy, George expresses the gulf between “George Jones,” the charismatic star loved by millions, and “Glenn,” a troubled man he truly understands himself to be. The existence of this series is a testament to the former’s enduring appeal: regular old Glenn won’t get glossy Hollywood projects about their lives, and this one’s A-list cast, sensitive direction and inevitably catchy soundtrack Sure to enhance or introduce the saga of George Jones and Tammy Wynette to a fresh audience of television viewers. However, it was the latter that turned out to be key. George & Tammy in many other biopics Succeeding fails: by bringing its themes to life not as legends—but simply as a man and a woman, deeply and imperfectly in love.



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