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George RR Martin says 'Wind of Winter' is now three-quarters complete

George RR Martin is making a specific update on his Winds of Winter progress.

Game of Thrones and )Dragon HouseAuthor on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert On Tuesday, he was asked a mandatory but tiresome question about his long-awaited next A Song of Ice and Fire progress book.

“I think this will be a very large book [more than 1500 pages] and I think I’m about three-quarters finished,” Martin said. “The characters are all intertwined, I’ve actually done a few roles but not others. I have to do all the weaving.”

Colbert Forget it a bit. “So [it’s take] years later 150 percent complete…which means about…in three years?”

“This is too much Frustrated,” Martin replied, lamenting that the moment he was done, he would get the first tweet asking for his seventh and last ASIOAF Here comes the book, Spring Dream . The author says he hasn’t even played his hit game, Elden Ring, because of his writing commitments.


MARTIN FINAL ASIOIAF Novel, Dance of Dragons , released at 1235246992 — HBO Game of Thrones debuts. (Dragon House just aired Season 1 finale. )

When Colbert asked if he was an optimist or a pessimist, Martin said, “I’ve been getting more and more pessimistic lately…we’re worried’10s and then we stopped worrying about it and started worrying about the zombie apocalypse. Now nuclear is more viable again. We There could be a nuclear war…but even in those old [sci-fi] books, there are always good people who will come together and reshape civilization. The optimism is still there, even if the environment is bad. Is it still there? Optimistic? What do we do if Putin does use a nuke? What do we want to do? I wish I had a dragon that could fly to the Kremlin .”

Martin was on the show to promote his new book, Rise of the Dragons: The Targaryen Book of Reigns, Vol. 1 , the core story is taken from Fire and Blood House of the Dragon ) with illustrations added. “ Fire and Blood is about 300, Targaryen history,” he explained. “In terms of text, this is about a quarter of that length, but we’ve added 150 some of the best Fantasy original illustrations by the world’s artists.”



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