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Georgina Chapman's Venice Cyclone Tour

“Venice is a city that evokes so many emotions,” Georgia Chapman said. For her, the main thing is excitement: She heads to La Serenissima to support her boyfriend Adrien Brody at the world premiere of Blonde. Marilyn Monroe’s biopic starring Ana de Armas as the troubled star received a 14 minute standing ovation at the Venice Film Festival. “It was an incredible moment of witness,” the Marchesa designer told Vogue. She wore an intricate silver beaded gown from her Pre-Fall collection for the occasion.

However, there is also a lot of inspiration and romance brought about by the journey Brody and the magic of Venice itself. “I am immersed in the magic of this city through its fascinating architecture, maze of canals and incredible cuisine,” Chapman said. After the festival, they visited the city (including the Venice Biennale) and enjoyed a sumptuous pasta dinner at Gritti Palace or the famous Harry’s bar. “For the best Bellinis and great food, Harry’s Bar is a must. It has a long history and a famous clientele,” she said.

The couple also often enjoy stunning views of the canal from the rooftop of the Cipriani, a dame hotel in the city. The center of the lagoon and via water taxi. “There’s nothing more romantic than having your cab ride on a boat—I absolutely love that in Venice,” adds Chapman.

Below, see a photo diary of Champan’s Venice trip.



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