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Geraldo Rivera says he quit Fox News after being 'fired' by 'Five'

Geraldo Rivera on Fox News’s year campaign seems to be coming to an end.

On Thursday afternoon, Rivera posted to his Twitter account a video taken from a boat off the coast of Jones Beach, Long Island. In the video, he tells viewers, “I got fired from the Five , therefore I quit Fox.”

He added that he would elaborate on the decision on Friday morning’s “Fox & Friends” show.

Rivera said earlier this month that he would be leaving the 5 p.m. panel, where he has been a regular panelist since last year. He is expected to appear on Thursday’s show.

“It was a great run and I’m grateful for the opportunity,” Rivera wrote at the time

. “It’s not always easy to be a different person. For now, I’m still a freelance correspondent.”

His Thursday video suggested that his correspondent role is also coming to an end.

In a statement to The Hollywood Reporter , a network spokesperson said, “Over the past few weeks, Week we reached an amicable conclusion with Geralda and look forward to celebrating him tomorrow on Fox & Friends which will His last on the network.”

Rivera joined Fox News from CNBC on 2001 as a war correspondent, weekend Anchor and host of the Fox country series Cops: Unrestricted Access . But it was his role on The Five , which regularly beats all of Fox’s prime-time programming, in the ratings that gave him the biggest platform.

Rivera’s appearances on the show have tapered off in recent months, and he was last seen on Fox a few weeks ago.

A television news veteran, Rivera has spent years on ABC’s

Good Morning America and 2001 contributed /, who hosts the syndicated talk show The Geraldo Rivera Show already More than ten years. He was also known for his tabloid sensibility, being the first to show the assassination of President Kennedy on broadcast television as well as during his infamous 22 live telecast TV anchor of “Zapruder Films” featured his entry into Al Capone’s vault.

At Fox, he covers Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and other hotspots, and hosts celebrity specials on Joan Rivers, among others.




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