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Gerard Butler's G-Base Board Remi Adeleke's Human Trafficking Thriller “Accidental Redemption” (Exclusive)

Gerard Butler and Alan Siegel with upcoming action thriller Airplane star Remy Arder Collaboration with Remi Adeleke.

G-Base production company for two people — behind The Plane, In partnership with Lionsgate in January, along with Greenland , Angel Has Fallen and Equal octane title Den of Thieves — boarded Unexpected Redemption , directed by Adeleke Debut, will premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Accidental Redemption Adapted from Adlerk’s Human Trafficking/Organ Harvesting Short Film Unexpected, written, directed and produced by him. Scheduled for release in September 2023, based on true events and narrated through the lens of two victims, accidentally discovered an elaborate international human trafficking/organ harvesting ring and its links to terrorism.

Five years on, feature-length action thriller Accidental redemption Deep into the dark and dangerous world of human trafficking, with a special focus The little known world of organ harvesting.

The Hollywood Reporter Learn about the industry’s widespread acclaim and interest in The unexpected The short film played a huge role in G-Base’s participation in the feature along with other entities to be announced soon.

“After working with Remi on The Plane and seeing his talent firsthand, we are delighted to be able to work with him work together,” Siegel said.

“Human trafficking is the fastest-growing illegal business in the world, while organ harvesting is one of the ugliest and least-reported forms,” former Navy SEAL’s Adeleke Said, he and plane also acted in ambulance , 6 underground , Terminal List and Transformers: The Last Knight. “There are more and more enslaved people in the world today than at any time in human history. Also, as a descendant of slaves on my mother’s side, I don’t feel like taking advantage of my background and real world Experience to expose this evil is an irony to me.”

In Unexpected Redemption, Loyal With degrees put to the test, former Special Forces operator and current GRS-CIA agent Rudy Rivera is called in to fulfill the last wishes of his estranged brother Diego, who has spent the past seven years selling organs around the world. Rudy will join two former GRS agents/human trafficking NGOs on a journey to take down one of the largest international organ harvesting gangs ever.

The success of this short also led Tenderfoot TV to purchase IP for a non-fiction podcast series called Accidental Podcasts . They also developed a novel podcast with Adeleke centered on organ harvesting called B1 Butcher. Based on true events, the show features Lights Out’s John Dryden and Brett Neichin.

Donald Albright, co-founder and president of Tenderfoot TV, said: “Partnering with Remi on content with a bigger purpose is a great experience.” “He’s delving into a host of important topics from sex trafficking and organ harvesting to forced labor, all of which are more important than ever in today’s environment.” Both shows will be on 2023 and will be available on all podcast platforms.

Famous author known for best-selling memoir Metamorphosis: The Improbable Journey of a SEAL, from the African Throne to the streets of the Bronx, to Desperate and Upcoming Chameleon Harper Collins William Murrow book series, Adeleke’s career as a director began as a military advisor to Michael Bay’s multiple big-budget films, as well as his upcoming Netflix film Here Comes The Flood Simon Kinberg. He also consults on military-related commercials and TV shows such as Apple TV’s Invasion and FOX’s upcoming Special Forces: The Ultimate Test/

More about Accidental Redemption including casting and Production will be in due course.



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