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Get ready to collect and play Candy Digital's new MLB offerings!

Candy Digital has partnered with Major League Baseball (MLB), Major League Baseball Players Association (MLBPA) and National Baseball Hall of Fame. Excitingly, this is just in time for the 2023 baseball season. The company will offer its ICON, commemorative game tickets and interactive challenges for fans to win prizes. let’s start!

A digital collectible as Candy Digital partner with MLB for the upcoming baseball season
Get ready for the 2023 baseball season with innovative products from Candy Digital

Meet Candy Numbers

First, let’s take a closer look at Candy Digital. Essentially, the company is revolutionizing fandom with its premium, officially licensed digital collectibles. Their team of top-notch designers and technologists collaborate with industry leaders like Major League Baseball and Netflix to deliver unique fan experiences. Plus, they were even nominated for a Sports Business Tech Award. With its innovative digital collectibles ecosystem, fans and collectors can deepen their love of sports, entertainment and culture by buying, selling and sharing authentic digital collectibles.

MLB Partnership: Baseball Fans Get What?

For the 2023 baseball season, Candy Digital has Partners with MLB, MLBPA and National Baseball Hall of Fame. Notably, the digital collectibles company will offer its flagship player icons, commemorative game tickets and interactive challenges for fans to win prizes.

So, what does this really mean? Well, ICON will feature individual players from across the league and will be released periodically throughout the season. Candy Digital will also create exclusive packs. Notably, these packs celebrate top matches and historic moments from current stars and gaming legends. In addition, Candy Digital will offer Milestone Marks, a real-time product celebrating the biggest achievements such as no-hitters, first career wins and record-breaking moments. Fans attending specific games will also receive unique digital commemorative tickets to collect their memories in an irreplaceable way. Last year, fans who attended games redeemed nearly 200,000 collectible tickets.


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