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Get to know Manu Bhardwaj

exist Today’s Spotlight: Master student Manu Bhardwaj shares his tips for stylish everyday style! Self-proclaimed “techies” may be humble about his keen sartorial eye, but Manu has his sights set on the latest YZY drops – when he sees a pair of well-cut pants, he knows…

Full Name/Pronoun: Manu Bhardwaj (he/him)

IG handle:



New York City

Vogue Club Member Since: August

My signature look : Black boots paired with black flared pants, a white or black turtleneck under a jacket, and a sling bag—and jewelry including pearl necklaces, silver chains, and bracelets. I mostly keep my style elegant and simple while adding some elements and layers to make myself a little unique.

Favorite designer or brand: Riccardo Tisci, Tom Ford and Kim Jones

in My Fashion On Wish List: Balenciaga Crest Cardigan, YZY SHDZ and Slogan Print Jeans

about you A fun fact (or two!) of myself: Vogue was an inspiration to me – that’s why I can say I can walk with confidence. I am an international student from India pursuing a masters degree in information systems. I’m ma techie, so fashion is kinda new to me!

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