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Get up close and personal with Hamish Bowles of Interior Design World and Vogue

NO ONE EQUAL TO HAMISH BOWERS . Interior Design World Editor-in-Chief and Fashion ) Editor-in-Chief has been working in the fashion industry since 1992 and has been working on

Fashion From

. Along the way, he’s interviewed some of the world’s greatest designers, hosted the Met Gala live, and introduced Harry Styles – and many other fascinating and fascinating personalities – from his lifetime collection of personal clothing archives and his writing career Just as impressive. Today, he 27;s with Vogue Club Members sit together for an intimate meeting with editors without any problems. Also at Vogue Club this week: Luke Leitch is coming into Bally Studios with the tag new creative director Rhuigi Villaseñor is about to launch the first Collections – and Francesca Ragazzi of Vogue Italia will dive into a day in her life during Milan Fashion Week. Join Vogue Club today to watch all these videos and more.



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