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Getting Started at the Oldenburg Film Festival: 5 Movies You Can't Miss

With the Oldenburg Film Festival kicked off , Germany’s leading independent film festival is still known for its discoveries The overlooked gem’s ability to pride itself on the best location in Oldenburg between art cinema and genre films.

for 1296 THE EVENT, The Hollywood Reporter has picked five Oldenburg world premieres that look like they might set the northern German city on fire.

Black Guelph by John Connors

‘The Black Guelph’ Courtesy of the Oldenburg Film Festival

Dublin on a mediocre street . Actor/screenwriter/documentary director John Connors’ narrative feature-length debut draws inspiration from real life, including the systematic clerical sexual abuse of generations of Irish travelers, and tells the story of crime, love and struggle on the fringes of this society . Graham Earley stars as Canto, a potential star, a small-time drug dealer determined to break the cycle of trauma and neglect to prove himself a worthy family man.

Check out the movie trailer below.

The City by Katsuki Kuroyanagi

‘This City’ Courtesy of Oldenburg Film Festival

This ultra-low budget debut— —Black Willow spent $6, 500 Filming City ) over seven years – is a punk symphony about Tokyo’s Shibuya crime district that combines classic crime tropes, Including killers fleeing the mob, a postmodern electronic soundtrack and quick cuts promise to breathe new life into a new era in Asia – noir.

View City here.

Junk Space Berlin

, Juri Padel

“Berlin Junkspace” Courtesy of Oldenburg Film Festival

David Cronenberg hits a nightclub in this lo-fi sci-fi film from German director Juri Padel. When an interdimensional rift divides Berlin in two and her friend Billie disappears in the middle, Marion and the hacktivist Blue try to rescue her, only to discover that the closer they get, the more their grasp of reality becomes few.

Check out the trailer for Berlin Junk Space here.

Noise by Mark Polish

‘Murmur’ Courtesy of Oldenburg Film Festival



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