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Ghibli founder Toshio Suzuki succeeds Koji Hoshino as studio president

studio-ghibli Image from Ghibli Twitter account studio-ghibli Studio Ghibli announced on Tuesday that co-founder Toshio Suzuki returned to the position of president of the studio. Suzuki replaced Koji Hoshino , and resigned from the dual duties of president and president at the end of the year. Hoshino will assume the role of representative director in April, but he will fully retire from the company during the regular general meeting of shareholders in June.

In a message on the Ghibli website, Hoshino quoted Hayao Miyazaki plan completed latest feature film, (tentative title in English) thanks him for his decision.

Hoshino was

President of Walt Disney Japan . He became the president of Studio Ghibli , later became the chairman of the company at 2008. (Kiyofumi Nakajima at Succeeded Hoshino as the president, but then Hoshino became the president of . ) Hayao Miyazaki and Nakajima continued as two directors of Ghibli, Hayao Miyazaki’s son Goro Miyazaki also continued as Managing Director.

Shūkan Josei tabloid published in its April An article last Wednesday about Hoshino’s resignation and retirement issues and online Prime edition. Weekly Dingsheng ‘s report (not confirmed by the studio or Oricon) lists the studio’s “internal turmoil” as a major contributing factor.

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