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Giant TBM Cutter Takes Second Drive Road Trip

Dorothy completed the first tunnelling of the Long Itchington Wood Tunnel in July, breaking through at the South Entry Point.

Now the TBM cutterhead has been removed and a 2.5km 48-wheeled self-propelled trailer has been transported to the north entrance site of the tunnel for a second drive.

TBM cutterhead at south portal ready for transportation

TBM’s 120t tail skin was also moved for 3 hours in the same operation.

Eight additional chunks of TBM’s front and middle shields have been transported by specialist equipment designed to avoid any temporary changes to the road layout through Ufton.

The remaining 120m long TBM will be Pull back the mile-long tunnel is driven by a special “caterpillar” system at a speed of 150m per day.

TBM tail skin leaving south portal site

Once all parts are back at the North Entrance, TBM will Some times reassemble before starting the second drilling.

Alan Payne, Senior Project Manager, HS2, said: “We are now looking forward to reassembling the TBM in the next few weeks and starting the second drilling of the tunnel later this year.

“When we celebrate the breakthrough next summer, this will be the first fully completed twin-bore tunnel in the HS2 project. ”



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