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Giants' Goradi on the bench: I should have played

5:13 PM ET

  • Jordan Lannan ESPN Staff Writer

East Rutherford, NJ — of the New York Giants Wide receiver Kenny Gallardi wasn’t exactly a fan of Sunday’s 19-16 win over the Carolina Panthers when coach Brian Dabore decided to keep him in just two games.

“Of course I disagree. Or like it,” Galadi, who spoke to the media for the first time since the game, said Wednesday. “But I can only control what I can control, which is coming to work every day.”

Gorradi, a precious free agent acquired by the Giants in 2021, did not foresee this . He said everyone in the organization was telling him that he was a pro and was doing things the right way.

This confuses Golladay.

“I should have played anyway,” he said. “It’s a fact.”

Gorradi, 28, was supposed to be the Giants’ No. 1 receiver when he was signed by the previous regime last offseason. He signed a four-year, $72 million contract that will pay him $18 million this season.

But Goradi was underwhelming in his first year with the team, hampered by injuries and not scoreless touchdowns. He has a procedure that keeps him out of the game this spring.

The signs were actually on the wall this summer, when — despite being on the court all the time — Galadi looked to be injured by a series of injuries. Surprisingly, he was one of the few veterans to make the preseason finale, catching two 22-yard passes for 42 steals in the season-opening win over the Tennessee Titans (Most are Giants wide receivers).

Daboll said he told Golladay midway through last week that he would be with David Sills V against the Panthers. Sills entered the game with two career catches for 17 yards. He earned $825,000 this season.

Golladay had 222 catches for 3,611 yards and 21 career touchdowns. He leads all receivers in 2019 with 11 catches. But it’s not unreasonable to think he’s lost a step. Golladay had two touchdown receptions and has caught less than 900 yards for the next two-plus seasons.

The veteran catcher was asked for a change of scenery after sitting on the bench for most of Sunday’s game.

“We’ll see how it goes. Yes, we’ll see how it goes,” Golladay said. “I’m here to play. I’m pretty sure they pay me to play too. I guess they want to see more or get whatever is on their end. I just keep doing what I have to do until I come in every day.”

Golladay seems unlikely to be moved at this point, in part due to a lack of production and his contract. He still owes him $11.6 million in base salary for the remainder of the season, and another $4.5 million next year.

Keeping him temporarily is not a problem. Dabor and several Giants players told ESPN he handled it like a pro.

“That’s it. It’s a business,” Galadi said. “I’m not here to be friends with coaches. They’re just my colleagues.”

Daboll keeps saying the wide receiver spot is an open competition, and he means business. Richie James led the Giants with 10 receptions and 110 yards.

James was a rookie in the offseason and many thought he was on the roster. Sills earned his way into the team.

Daboll has used the same competitive route from the start. Goradi took a similar stance when he was one of the few veterans to play in the third and final game of the preseason. It’s also his reasoning for last year’s first-round pick Kadarius Toney, who dunked just seven times in the opener and Gorradi barely played against the Panthers .

“It’s an ongoing,” Dabor said Sunday. “It hasn’t changed. It’s going to be a constant competition.”

He added on Monday: “Again, whether it’s the highest paid player, the lowest paid player, the highest draft Kwon, an undrafted free agent — we’re going to be there and let them compete. One week doesn’t necessarily mean that’s what’s going to happen next week. I think everyone understands what we mean as an organization and we’re trying to Do it in terms of continuing to get better, fighting for places, and working as hard as you can.”

Dabor is not based on salary or draft status, and has caused his team to Notice.

“It’s rare, but the coach keeps telling us he doesn’t care where you get first-rounder, second-rounder, undrafted. He’s about what he says,” Veteran Wide receiver Sterling Sheppard said.

So far this season, Shepard has hit the most smashes by a Giants wide receiver (102). He is coming off the torn Achilles he suffered last season. Sills was second with 91 points.

If Golladay makes a difference this season, it will be a must-win, not based on his past accomplishments. This new system has nothing to do with Gorradi, the Lions’ third-round pick in 2017.

Golady was optimistic about Wednesday’s training performance. He said he believed his role could be different this week.

The Giants (2-0) may need him more on Monday night against the Dallas Cowboys. Tony missed Wednesday’s practice due to a hamstring injury.



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