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Gigi Hadid launches new brand Guest In Residence

When Gigi Hadid almost moved from LA When New York arrived a decade ago, it was on the brink of a particularly harsh East Coast winter. Needless to say, the creepy weather was a shock to the system. “I’m always cold even when others feel hot,” Hadid said with a sigh. Thankfully, her parents had a plan: They took the cashmere sweater their then-teenage daughter had stolen from a closet on a cool California day to send to their new school for college. Her favorites are all about stealth fashion: a gray turtleneck fastened with a belt (her mother’s) and an all-button cable-knit cardigan from her father. Her life was in transition—both uplifting and confusing—and the comfy knits provided a reassuring feeling of home. “These are the only cashmere items I’ve owned in a long time,” admits Hadid. “I still have.”

I was talking to the supermodel via Zoom; when she called me from a hotel room in London , she suddenly appeared on the screen, wearing – what else? – A gorgeous sunflower orange cashmere crewneck. Except this isn’t an old dress—it’s a sweater from her new brand, Guest In Residence, which she just launched. “This is my first time wearing a new sample, and I love the color,” Hadid said, a little giddy with excitement. The sweater is part of a collection of timeless pieces—slim-fitting joggers, hoodies, tank tops, scarves, beanies, and more—in countless warm hues: bubblegum pink, ginger, and cherry red, to name a few example. There are also limited-edition drops in the works, including one that Hadid calls a “varsity funk” that showcases her talent for color blocking in preppy shapes like classic rugby.


gradually warmed up

Guest In Residence polo, shorts and socks.



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