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Gigi Hadid's Beachy Waves Are the Definition of Spice Girl Summer Hairstyles

There are plenty of internet memes that compare what we look like when we emerge from the ocean (mermaid style, effortlessly tousled hair, golden skin) and reality (dirty, stained The mascara of your

supermodel Gigi Hadid is one of those who truly embodies the fantasy version – she posted this on Instagram on Saturday Evidence. Sitting on a recliner on a striped towel, an unmakeup Hadid looks utterly bright.

Beachy waves, volume, sun-kissed color and soft, salty texture Perfectly incorporated Hadid’s effortless beach hairstyle is a look many of us spend hours trying to achieve. Flipped casually to the side—a great trick for adding volume—some growing roots create a lived-in feel, and framed her face. Anyone looking to recreate this look at home should check out Hershesons’ new air-dry spray. Designed to create tousled waves without any crunch, just spray into the ends ( (dry or damp) and rub it in for a Gigi-esque look.

Hadid’s hair wasn’t the only element featured in her post that got comments from fans. She also debuted it on her legs A giant tattoo — a dragon. It’s not clear when she got it, but there seems to be a split of opinion. One user declared: “Suddenly… a dragon is my favorite animal?”, while others questioned Is this real or temporary. The smile on Gigi’s face shows that she is a fan of summer and beyond.



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