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'Gilmore Girls' actor Scott Patterson recalls feeling objectified in season 3 scene: 'It was outrageous'

Scott Patterson for playing restaurateur Luke Dennis in Gilmore Girls Famous, about to open about a day he was on the set of the popular series Dislikes.

On the latest episode of his podcast I’m all for it , during which Patterson revisited creator Amy Sherman-Palladino’s series, where he discussed the third season’s episodes” Keg! Max!” aired in April 2003. Specifically, the actor discusses a scene from the Warner Bros.-backed show in which Lorelai Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her colleague Suki St. James (Melissa McCarthy) Constantly discussing Luke’s ass after Suki accidentally puts her hand on Luke’s ass.

“I realized it wasn’t good, and I wasn’t comfortable at all. It was actually quite embarrassing,” Patterson said of his body Said when the episode was objectified. “It’s infuriating to be treated like this – it’s infuriating – because you’re being treated like an object. It’s disturbing, it’s disgusting and I had to put up with the whole scene and many shots. It’s all about the ass , ass, ass, ass. When we’re not filming, we sit down – people are still talking about ass, ass, ass. It was the most disturbing time I’ve had on that show and I can’t wait That day was over.”

Patterson, who also appeared on the Saw movie franchise, recalled being on the show team Filming the film in front of him was particularly difficult, and he felt it robbed his character of his dignity. At the time, Luke was in a relationship with Nicole (Tricia O’Kelly), although he later married Loreley. The actor also said he was frustrated that he didn’t speak out about his feelings at the time, but he didn’t want to “make waves” with colleagues in the series that ended up on WB for six seasons, the final season of The CW and Netflix. Revival miniseries.

“The objectification of men by women is as disgusting and just as harmful as the objectification of women by men,” he continued. “Just because it’s 2003 doesn’t mean it’s ok. It’s never good, and I don’t feel well, and it makes me mad. And I didn’t say anything, So I was pissed at myself for not saying anything. But I had the job and I didn’t want to make waves or anything like that.”

Patterson recalls what it was like to be on set” Very small,” adding that he felt like “some kind of cock”. While he clarified that his role on the show “was a great job that meant the world to me,” the scene made him question why he was doing the series at the time. He added the show’s joking exchange, “Someone has to pay for it, and I’m still paying the price.”

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