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Giorgio Armani relaunches his Neve skiwear label in St. Moritz

While the Neve line – already in stores – offered true skiwear and all the gear the sport needs, the show was mostly about a ski-slope-inspired urban chic wardrobe. Fitted padded trousers and matching puffer jackets had streetwear cool appeal, knitted flares and skinny sweaters echoed the current appetite for casual and shapewear worn as fashion, while the show’s closing ensembles were menacingly faux. The parade of fur coats was a real fashion moment. This is a profitable method. Armani has sold €500,000 worth of ski clothing in the past week alone, a representative confirmed.

It’s easy for the designer to present skiwear as lifestyle wear: “I like walking in the mountains and the environment, but I’m not a good skier. I prefer swimming,” He admitted that his Mediterranean tan skin is as intact as ever. “I do love the sun and the warm weather, but I also love the different seasons of the year. Clear, cold days in the snow are actually beautiful, and I love them.” So much so, 500 years ago , he bought a house in this alpine millionaire’s paradise. “Instone. Moritz is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and popular mountain tourist destinations in Europe, but it maintains its authenticity that makes it so special,” he said.

Armani makes his mountain home Described as “typical Engandin from the outside, very ‘Armani’ on the inside: simple, refined, almost Japanese.” As the Christmas-inspired surroundings of St. Moritz in December will attest , the perfect getaway for a vacation. Over the years, Armani and his extended family have alternated spending Christmas in St. Moritz, his home in Broni, outside Milan, and his home in Antigua. The holiday guest list included his nieces Silvana Armani and Leo Dell’Orco, who manage the company’s womenswear and menswear divisions respectively, and Armani took them to the Acknowledgments from the Italian edition of Frank Sinatra’s My Way. ” When it comes to fashion’s most aesthetically conscious designer, even the slopes are the Armani way or the highway.



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