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Girl From The Other Side Anime Gets English Dub

Crispy Rolls Announced on Wednesday that it will start streaming English dubbed for anime in A feature-length adaptation of Nagabe’s manga. The company will premiere the three English-dubbed episodes on Thursday.

    English cast includes:

    • Sarah Wiedenhof Special as Shiva

        Gary Furlong as Teacher

            Ian Sinclair as Outsider

              Jason Librecht as Soldier
    • Jerry Jewell as Hunter
      Other voices include Ben Balmaceda, Kieran Flitton , Sean Gunn , Caitlin Glass, Molly Searcy and Marcus Stimac .

        Emily Far Haddow

      is conducting the English dub . Zachary Davis is the lead engineer. Tyler Walker is writing the script in English. Benjamin Tehrani in charge of ADR Prepare.

        Characteristic length OAD Bundled with the spin-off volume of the manga released in March . Crunchyroll streamed the animation in three episodes. Anime Star Jun Fukuyama as the teacher, Rie Takahashi as Shiva. Yūtaro Kubo and Satomi Maiya Come back, the previous animation will serve as the director, script, and character design respectively. Schroeder-Headz composed again, Shōji Hata Returning as Sound Director.

          Wit Studio Kickstarter for OAD Campaign achieved 3rd success – million yen (approx. USD 22 , On the same day , finally improved 10 ,670,318 yen (approx. US dollars 28,) short for extra bonus The final stretch goal for the animation.

            Wit Studio A minute anime adaptation was previously made Since premiering the comic at the Montreal Fantasia Festival in August There is a DVD of the anime, which is bundled with the September limited edition of volume 8 of the manga 670.

            Seven Seas An English manga is being released which describes the story:

            In a world is divided into Inside and outside, those who live in both realms are told never to cross the other side lest they be cursed. A young girl named Shiva lives in an empty village on the other side, guarded by a demon known as “The Teacher”. Although the two were banned from touching, they seemed to share a bond that transcended their very different appearances. But when Shiva leaves the teacher’s care to go in search of her grandmother, the secret behind her mysterious living arrangements is revealed.

            Minister started the series on 199 and on End of March 343. Manga’s Volume 4 and Final In April 670. Source: Crunchyroll (Liam Dempsey)

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