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Girlfriend For Rent Season 2 – Episode 20

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Well, this is an episode of Chizuru, so you know what that means. Pour yourself a cold drink, grab your sturdiest plastic lawn chair, and lie down outside your front yard – time to watch the grass grow about 15 minute. No need to mute your phone to go to the toilet anytime. I promise you won’t miss anything important.

To be honest with you, I’m at a loss right now. I really don’t like to take a negative view of the shows I write. Even if the show is bad or offensive or incompetent, I like to delve into why in all of them and figure out what the text is trying to accomplish and where it goes wrong. But RAG season 2 rarely offers anything worth actually dissecting, it hasn’t been done a hundred times, and I’m just not a good enough writer to find new ways to say “Kazuya doesn’t have chemistry with Chizuru, Their romance will never develop. I also hate hearing how beautiful Chizuru really is.” So long.

Because that’s what this episode is all about. Kazuya rents Chizuru for a day, they go on a date, do some stereotypical anime dates, and then go home, nothing has changed in their relationship. Occasionally someone jokes and is too embarrassed because he’s so obsessed with her that for a minute or so they have a weird prank where they have to hide from someone they know but otherwise could easily be the other half scene- —We already have a dozen Qianhe episodes. It would be nice if they at least had chemistry, or were able to have coherent conversations like real humans, but instead it’s just Kazuya coming up with more and more anime dating scenes and then freaking out over whether he crossed the line, Like John gets ego – consciously because he asks sex workers to try dog ​​style, but a million times unbearable.

Some of my favorite moments in romance anime are seeing a Couples hang out, fool around, and generally enjoy each other’s company, as this is one of the cornerstones of any healthy relationship. But in RAG, Kazuya’s entire relationship with Chizuru is inwardly marveling at her beauty, wondering if he’s pissing her off, and then ecstatic when she’s not. There’s never any sense of why he likes her, especially other than how beautiful she is, which means there’s no real romance here. The only twist in this episode is that He also asks them to go out in their high school uniforms, which is sadder than comedy. Like it’s not even a fetish. Kazuya is just so obsessed with this fictional idea of ​​teenage romance that he wants to use an imaginary version to rewrite his actual school memory where he has a sexy girlfriend. It’s just… gosh. If this is yours as a college freshman

To be fair, I liked this at least a few moments Episode. Ruka actually apologized for the shit she stirred up in the last episode, and while Kazuya was a little too forgiving about it, it was the closest they’d gotten to actual conversation all season, so I’ll take it. Great to hear Chizuru talk about her experience with rental dates, and now she’s clearly sticking with the show for the foreseeable future. This point of view, of someone who pays for the intimacy of being close to others, was the funniest part of the show at the beginning, so getting to know how she felt about the whole thing was the funniest thing Chizuru has done in years. It’s not a huge amount, and the entire “rent” part of the show’s title has so far degenerated like an appendix, but it’s something.

But neither of those are enough for anyone’s time Worth taking advantage of. Even for the show’s slow progress, there’s not much to catch. Romance is dead, jokes are slow and repetitive, and anything resembling a unique hook has long been left in the dust.

On a good note, I think the grass is now a pic of a meter taller ! Score:




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