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Girlfriend For Rent Season 2 – Episode 21

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How long have I been complaining


This season’s story has been stuck in place, but that doesn’t mean this kind of show necessarily needs an advancing plot to be good. Quite the contrary, as many of the most classic and beloved romantic comedies in anime history keep things in control mode for dozens or even hundreds of episodes. The problem is not that RAG has not resolved any ongoing plot lines – to The plate it’s been spinning so far isn’t very interesting. This is mainly because so many of these episodes are isolated with and also with a girl, and the audience gets stuck in his head as he overthinks every interaction before the girl in question ignores or adapts to him. There’s no friction or tension to get any real humor out of it, which is necessary for this particular brand of character-driven comedy in this series.

So, credit to it, this episode is actually funny at times . It’s nothing revelatory, but putting Kazuya and Ruka together with his parents in a classic sitcom scene is a solidly humorous setup. Ruka tries to moonwalk into the hole in the shape of their future granddaughter in their family portrait, while Kazuya tries to control her so she can’t usurp his fake girlfriend’s place in grandma’s heart. It still suffers from a lot of RAG lengthy comedic timing, but Kazuya The irony of trying to stop the girl who really loves him from overthrowing his fake bae was enough to make this episode really interesting. It’s also fun to see Chizuru walk in like a Terminator girlfriend and play the perfect potential in-law effortlessly. It’s really funny to see Ruka jealous of the most professional girlfriend in the world. It’s a gimmick that applies especially to the personalities of the two girls, and it’s the first time in a while that watching an episode doesn’t feel like a chore.

Even hinted at some upcoming drama, Chizuru’s health My grandmother in poor condition. Granted, a dying grandmother isn’t entirely novel territory for drama, but at this point in the story, especially for Chizuru’s character, it’s been reminded that there are some actual emotional risks to Kazuya and Chizuru’s fake relationship. It’s really sweet to see her being so warmly welcomed by Kazuya’s family, and if the show were more in line with its writing, I’d even dare to think the warmth was part of her insistence on this silly lie. If the story of her own dead grandma is to be believed (who can tell with her?), she even gives Ruka a little depth. I can easily imagine a version of this story that has a real emotional impact behind it all happening because the bond each girl makes with Kazuya and his family is real. Heck, maybe the family can even address their demeaning behavior of Kazuya as their “heir” or something instead of just treating him as a pimple! The sky is the limit of imagination!

The hypothetical version of the show would no doubt be wiped out, like Condensation on the bathroom mirror next week, but here and now, this is easily the most appealing RAG from the first season. Why, there are even some really nice animated gags like a missile from an angry grandma looking for her grandson from the cold open ground, and some lively animation about Ruka that reminds me of the highlights from last season. There are still flaws, and I don’t believe the continuity will last long, but I’m pleasantly surprised where I’ll get it.


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