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GKIDS to Digitally Release Giovanni Island Anime Film on BD on February 21

GKIDS announced it on Monday and call! Factory will release Production IG animated film on Blu-ray Disc and digital platform

in North America in February . The company played a trailer with English subtitles:

GKIDS Story described: Brothers Junpei and Kanta live on Shikotan Island, a small fishing island unspoiled by World War II. The children were named after Giovanni and Campanella from their late mother’s favorite book, “Nights on the Milky Way Railway,” which became a source of solace after Japan’s defeat.

When Soviet troops arrive and settle the island with their families, Junpei meets the commander’s daughter Tanya. Despite a language barrier and growing tensions, the boys quickly forge an unlikely friendship.

Mizuho Nishikubo directed at Production IG and This movie Sugita Shigeru and Yoshiki Sakurai wrote the screenplay.

The film was released in Japan in February . The film won the Jury Award of Excellence at Annecy 2014 and at Winner of Best Animated Film. Other awards include Satoshi Kon

won Excellence at the Fantasia Film Festival in Animation Award , Excellence Award The 1st Japan Media Arts Festival

, And 38 Excellence Award Japan Academy Award 450.

Source: Press Release 2015




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