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'Gladiator' gets BBC reboot

Competitors are ready!

Gladiator , British version American Gladiator One in The show that was the anchor of Saturday Night TV in the UK is being rebooted.

Confirming rumours that surfaced last month, BBC revealed it’s the new home of spandex-friendly muscles – Flex Entertainment , originally aired on ITV from October 1992 to January ( The sky had a brief revival that lasted only a year between 1990 and 2009.

11-episode series produced by Hungry Bear Media (BBC Game Show Michael McIntyre’s The Wheel and MGM UK TV (part of Amazon’s MGM, which owns American Gladiator ) – will be landing onscreen on BBC One and BBC iPlayer 2008, in addition to some original classic challenges, there is also a brand new game that culminates in a classic duel match, the knockout.

Gladiator is back and a whole new generation of viewers can now look forward to Saturday night’s spectacle,” BBC Unscripted Director Kate Phillips.

Gladiators is a format that resonates with audiences around the world,” added Scot Cru, executive vice president of global formats and unscripted content, MGM Television.” We are delighted to bring this acclaimed series to the BBC and can’t wait to introduce our British gladiators.”

Filming will take place at

Utilita Arena in Sheffield.

“Now is the perfect time for the Gladiators to return,” Dan Baldwin said, Hungry Bear.” What other show combines electrical stimulation, superheroes, giant sponge fingers, elite athletes, and some pantomime?”

Dom Bird, Senior Vice President MGM International Unscripted Television added: “MGM UK is delighted to be able to present a spectacular show with the scale, energy and drama that aired on BBC One on Saturday night. This will be an epic series that will push our next-level gladiators and competitors to the limits of their physical abilities.”



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