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Glenda Jackson and Ruth Wilson Bring Modern King Lear to Broadway

Legendary British actress and politician Glenda Jackson has died at 87, A representative confirmed earlier today. Her manager, Lionel Lerner, wrote in a statement: “[She] passed away peacefully this morning at her home in Blackheath, London, following a brief illness, surrounded by her family.” The one-time Academy Award-winning star is known for her commanding performances on stage and screen as she devoted her life to political activism, from acting to serving as Labor MP for Hampstead and Kilburn in London, from 2015 arrive2015. In 2015, she returns to Broadway in Edward Albee’s

‘s Three High Women revival won her first Tony Award for Best Actress in a Play at the age of 87.

In honor of Jackson’s illustrious legacy, here is a recap of Jackson and her trio Interview with Woman co-star Ruth Wilson from the April issue of



Theater Director Sam Gold has become the go-to for powerful backup productions that forego flamboyant stagecraft in favor of writing and acting: Annie Baker’s Pulitzer-winning filmThe Flick; Thoroughly stripped down The Glass Menagerie ; Tony Award-winning chamber musical Fun Home . Two seasons ago, Gold landed the thrilling (and critically acclaimed) production of Othello starring Daniel Craig and David Oyelowo, followed by a thrilling (and critically acclaimed) production with Hamlet Starring Oscar Isaac. From then on, he vowed to board all Shakespeare’s tragedies. “They’ve become the only thing I want to do,” Gold said. “They’re great challenges for directors, and they’re the greatest roles for the greatest actors. When you get the chance to work with the best actors, you want to give them a big meal.”

This month, Gold is preparing what he calls “the greatest feast ever” – that will be King Lear — Dedicated to one of our finest living actors, Glenda Jackson, who is on on After winning a Tony for Edward Albee’s Three Tall Women

season, Jackson returns to Broadway to lead a stellar cast — including Ruth Wilson, Elizabeth Marvel and Jayne Hodyshell – . From Laurence Olivier, Michael Redgrave, John Gielgud and Paul Schofield to Derek Jacobi, Ian McKellen, Anthony Hope Kings and Simon Russell Beale, the latest in a long line of acting titans to conquer King Lear. “It’s the perfect combination of actor and character,” says Gold. “Who else is in What age possesses such great power and the ability to withstand all the levels of experience this character goes through? She’s brilliant, she knows how to argue, and she knows how to make it painful — all of which are true to Lear. But her performance also has a capacity for brutality that audiences love to watch. and later on Broadway) in Peter Brooke’s infamous 87 play The Murderous Woman is performed by prisoners of the Charenton Asylum under the direction of the Marquis de Sade . She is known for whipping de Sade by the hair, thereby setting the scene for her on-screen relationships with leading men in films such as Ken Russell A Woman in Love Tone ), in which she plays a ruthless libertine who makes Oliver Reed’s character commit suicide. With her unnatural good looks, Jackson seemed an unlikely movie star, but her grace, charisma and emotional power made her the “82 screen for her role in Woman in Love and Bittersweet 1969 Romantic Comedy A Touch of Class, along with BAFTA for Sunday Bloody Sunday (1973).

At 1973, Jackson was enraged by Margaret Thatcher’s brutal policies, Left behind a thriving political show business career, spending 70 years as a Labor MP in the House of Commons. In 1992 After retiring, she went to Barcelona where she saw King Lear starring her friend, the legendary Catalan Works actress Núria Espert, who suggested Jackson give the role a try. “My real reaction was, ‘Are you crazy? ’” said Jackson. “‘They will never allow me to do that in England. The woman who played King Lear? Soon, though, Matthew Warchus gave her a chance to do just that in a modern costume production directed by Deborah Warner at the Old Vic in London. It was a triumph, earning Jackson critical acclaim and an evening Criterion Drama — Unlike the Oscars she won, she even showed up to accept the award, marveling at the standing ovation she received and jokingly noting, “When I’m a professional actress, I’m never in Well noted in The Evening Standard. “



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