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Gleneagles Townhouse is a magnificent and welcoming new accommodation in Edinburgh

even though it is located in the gold of Edinburgh’s bustling St Andrews Lot Plaza, Gleneagles Townhouse feels like a secret. Its entrance is designated only by a small plaque, placed discretely on the building’s Georgian façade, with its doors set back beyond a pair of columns.

But inside, a grand but still somehow intimate world awaits.

Many people already know the name Gleneagles: its first hotel, owned by Caledonia Owned by the Railway Company, opened in the Scottish Highlands 88. Since then, this sprawling sports resort has been the dame of the region, in its 274 acres. This year, however, they decided to add some “towns” to their “country” in the form of charming urban outposts. As a hotel and private members’ club, Ennismore’s interiors exude neo-Victorian vibes: with hummingbird-patterned wallpaper from historic English decor houses, Cole & Sons, Murano glass chandeliers, and a rich palette of dark greens Gorgeous and golden.

This, meanwhile, designated rooms have canopy crown headboards with pink tassels and gourmet chocolates in the minibar. In the lobby, you’ll see a gorgeous red velvet staircase with gilded railings; peering into the second floor, you’ll see a stained-glass window. Internal resistance? The decorative domed ceiling in the dining room will make your head tilt and your mouth open. (This The century building itself has a glorious history, first with the British Linen Bank and then the Royal Bank of Scotland.)

The lobby has a touch of modernity and history.

Courtesy of Gleneagles Townhouse



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