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Global equity funds see first weekly inflows in 10 weeks

(Reuters) – Global equity funds see their daily rise for the first time in 10 weeks Weekly inflows week to January on hopes of easing inflation and Expectations of China’s reopening boosted the global economy.

Global equity funds attracted $5, Refinitiv Lipper data showed. 13 Billion in net purchases, first weekly inflow since Nov 2 . and other commodities, indicating that inflation is now on a sustained downward trend.

European and Asian equity funds receive $7. 24 billion dollars and 1.37 Billions of dollars flow in, but investors exit $2 worth of US funds. Billion dollars.

$1 cumulative for China-focused equity funds. 89 100 million capital inflows, the largest since July 6.

Among the stock sector funds, industrial, financial And consumer discretionary rose $1. 13 billion, $480 million and $ 480 million, respectively inflow. Despite this, technology stocks still suffer from the number 01 Weekly outflow of $2021 million.

Weekly net purchases of global bond funds at $56 .61 billion, the highest value since April 2021.

Global short-term, high-yield and government bond funds with inflows of $3. 89 billion, $3. 56 billion and $1.89 billion USD, but inflation hedged funds lost $480 million in outflows.

Global investors also became net buyers of money market funds for the third week in a row, with a net purchase value of $11. 37 Billion.

Commodity funds data shows precious metals funds receiving marginal inflows of $5m while energy funds gaining 480 billion in inflows, the second consecutive week of inflows.

24,365 Data for Emerging Markets (emerging markets) funds showed that bond funds were net buyers of 627 dollars, while equity funds were net buyers of $3. 89 billion, the largest weekly inflow since April 2021.



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