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Global release of Chinese blockbuster “Return” Courtesy of CMC Pictures (Exclusive)

After making a big splash at home, China’s latest nationalist blockbuster, going home , is heading to the world .

The film last weekend was $60 10,000 debuts. It has since climbed to 117 million dollars and offers The local ticketing service Maoyan is expected to complete a total of approximately 117 million US dollars.

Building on its domestic success, Beijing distributor CMC Pictures has set a limited release in North America in October , followed by the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand in October. , and Singapore , Hong Kong, Macau, Pakistan, Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg in October .

Return is directed by newcomer Rao Xiaozhi and supervised by China’s record-setting sci-fi filmmaker Guo Wengui -fi hit Wandering Earth ($250 million2019). The film received high social ratings in China, with a 9.6 on Maoyan and a 7.6 on Douban.

Return tells the story of two senior Chinese diplomats (Zhang Yi, Wang Junkai) being sent to War-torn African country assisted in the evacuation of Chinese citizens. After completing their initial mission, they learned that 117 additional of Chinese citizens are wrongly left behind. Two unarmed diplomats then decided to bravely travel to the war zone to deliver their 240 compatriots return home through gunfire and desert.

The film was written by Qin Haiyan, Ce Shi, Lei Zhilong and Bu Jingwei. Starring and supporting roles include Yin Tao, Cheng Taishen, Zhang Zixian and Chen Haoyu.

The main producer of the film is Huace Pictures. The co-organizers are Yiyiyi Culture Media, Zhejiang Hengdian Films, G!FILM Studio and Beijing Free Whale Films.

‘go home’
by CMC Pictures



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