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Global Women 2023: A Modern Tradition

Our annual Global Women’s Portfolio captures the many ways women around the world show and represent themselves. Recent history has shown how quickly things can be undone – and with that in mind, we find ourselves wondering what is durable. Each of these six stories tells the story of traditions in its own way: the enormous efforts to preserve them and, in some cases, the ways in which they have been radically reimagined.

These women of color transformed historic attire into a modern art form

Photography by Diana Markosian

Whether they call themselves historical costumes, interpreters or vintage lovers, their dedication to the aesthetics of the past offers fascinating lessons on history, style and identity.

In New York City, a Ukrainian dance troupe finds strength in tradition

Photographed by Maya Toledano

For many women in the Syzokryli Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, the love of dance is passed down from generation to generation.

In this small Venezuelan coastal town, local fishermen are changing the power dynamic

Photography by Silvana Trevale

On Venezuela’s northwest coast, a group of women turns to fishing in a time of crisis — and challenges the male-dominated status quo.

How These Charming Henna Artists Modernized Traditional Body Art

Photo by Farah Al Qasimi

A meaningful exploration of the history and evolution of henna through mesmerizing designs by artists old and new.

How Generations of Indonesian Women Keep the Ancient Juicing Tradition

Photographed by Nyimas Laula

Jamu, the general term for traditional herbal drinks, is a way of life in the Indonesian archipelago and a cornerstone of health.

Meet the Dame of Milingimbi: The Woven Woman

Photography by Katrin Koenning

Watching the jagged pandanus leaves transform into colorful fibers – now spun by the same hands into baskets, bags, jewelry and cushions – is nothing short of pure magic.



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