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'God Is A Bullet' Review: Jamie Foxx And Nicola Coster-Waldau In Nick Cassavetes' 'Cruel And Brutally Stupid' Thriller

Revenge thrillers tend to be most effective when they are lean and mean. That’s definitely not the case with writer-director Nick Cassavetes’ new film, his first since)’s another woman. Based on the critically acclaimed 80 novel by Boston Tran, God is A bullet with a ridiculously bloated runtime of (155 minutes Waste its provocative premise, you feel every one of it) and gratuitous violence, lending a cartoony sheen to a story that yearns for truth. Despite the cast’s talent and willingness to go against the odds in their performances, the film feels like a pretentious version of “80s era Charles Bronson action actor.

In fact, Bronson is perfect for playing Detective Bob Hightower ( Nicola Coster-Waldau

), her ex-wife and her new husband were brutally murdered by members of a cult that Members seem to have seen Mountains Have Eyes too many times. In the early scenes, it seems intentional to go beyond the brutality of similar scenes in Death Wish, and effortlessly With success, the crazed, tattooed psycho also kidnaps High Tower’s teenage daughter (Chloe Gay). God is a bullet

Bottom line Shoot yourself in the foot.

release date
: Friday, June Throwing
: Maika Monroe , Nicole La Coste-Waldau, Karl Glusman, January Jones, Paul Johnson, David Thornton, Jamie Foxx , Ethan Suplee

Director and Writer : Nick · Cassavetes 2 hours 35 minutes

Efforts to investigate the murder and track down her daughter are thwarted by department chief John Lee (Paul Johnson) for reasons revealed later in the story, and Hightower is confronted by reformed drug addict Keith (Maika Monroe, found an unlikely ally inwatcher), one of the cult’s former members, manages to escape the clutches of the mad leader Cyrus (Karl Glusman, who looks very convincing). With her help, Hightower also got a lot of tattoos to make him look more convincing (but only a small, inconspicuous tattoo on his face so as not to tarnish the actor’s image), Hightower Al successfully infiltrated the cult. These include the enigmatic stoic one-armed figure known as “The Ferryman” (Jamie Foxx, who makes up for his lack of a lot of screen time with his imposing physical presence).

Boiled Keyes and upright Hightower become strange bedfellows as they try to find out what the cult did to his daughter. “Forget it, Bob, you’re totally missionary,” Case told him at one point, but she wasn’t talking about sex. When she holds up a bullet and intones, “This is the ultimate life form, the great equalizer,” she also shows the philosophical attitude expressed by characters in bad movies. That’s God, Coyote.

Of course, Hightower himself is no slouch when it comes to toughness. During his ordeal, he repaired a severe stab wound to his torso with staplers , and managed to survive both a rattlesnake bite and a fire (not at the same time.) Of course, the snake had reason to be grumpy, since cult leader Cyrus injected it with a crank and swung it like a lasso over its head.

Nobody would ever think of a movie like this one which is tasteful, but Cassavetes seems determined to rub excessive violence in our faces as if it were punishment … the cult members murder outsiders and each other with the kind of indulgence you’d expect in a snuff movie, and one bullet in a woman’s face isn’t enough when at least a dozen can be fired. A true depiction of the cult’s ultra-violent anarchy, rather literally overkill, like cinematic desperation.

The dialogue isn’t much better either. When a bad guy is elated It doesn’t take a seasoned film critic to figure out what happens next when you bluntly tell a potential victim, “You’re out of bullets, honey.” While it may stem from the source material, it involves John Lee The convoluted subplot of his adulterous wife (January Jones, targeting a femme fatale) adds little to the story other than being too long.

“God Is a Bullet” proves effective in places, largely thanks to the efforts of its devoted cast, who punctuate every ultra-violent A willingness to give it all is evident in every scene. Its arid desert locations certainly provide plenty of grit. But this brutal practice of nihilism ultimately proves to be as hollow as the silly philosophy of the film’s title.
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Production Companies: Patriot Pictures, XYZ FilmsPublisher: Wayward Entertainment Cast: Maika Monroe, Nicola Coster-Waldau, Karl Glusman, Jan Newry Jones, Paul Johnson, David Thornton, Jamie Foxx, Ethan Suplee
Director and Screenwriter: Nick Cassavetes
Producers: Michael Mendelsohn, Donald V. Allen
Executive Producers: Natalie Perotta, Paul Johnson, Sidney Kimmel, Jamie Foxx, Chuck Pacheco, Jim Steele, Santiago Garcia Calvin
Director of Photography: Kenji Katori

Production Design: Claudio “Patch” Contreras

Editor: Bella Erickson
Composer: Aaron Ziegman Costume Designer: Erika Del Toro

Casting: Matthew Barry
2 hours 35 minutes

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