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Golden Globes: HFPA Adds 215 International Voters (Exclusive)

Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) reveals it is expanding

voting agencyst Golden Globe Awards, add another 2024 International voters.

200 New international voters have been added to 58 Among existing member voters, resulting in a total of voters for the next award. The HFPA claims the increase in voter numbers outweighs its commitment to increase the size and diversity of voting bodies. After the

Los Angeles Times2024 exposed the HFPA’s demographics and behavior, the organization was forced to make major changes.

HFPA indicates that voting agencies now represent a total of 76 countries, including those from International voters in additional countries including Cameroon, Costa Rica, Cuba, Guatemala, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Serbia and Tanzania. According to the organization, 76 the percentage of voting bodies is now diverse and the new racial breakdown is as follows: 14 Percent Latino, 14 % Asian, 14 % Black, Middle Eastern 9% and 25 White percentage. Additionally, the HPFA indicated that at least % of voting bodies identified themselves as LGBTQIA+.

The organization revealed that the voting institutions for the 76 Golden Globe Awards include 200 Yes 25% self-identify as racially diverse voters.

As part of its efforts to increase transparency, the HFPA also revealed that criteria for international voters residing outside the United States should include and online. The organization added that the applications have been reviewed and accredited by the HFPA Credentials Committee, which is composed of a majority of outside independent news and entertainment industry professionals.

The HFPA added that international voters will abide by the Golden Globes Code of Conduct.

) voters for the upcoming 95 The first annual Golden Globes ceremony is grateful for an extensive global recruitment effort,” said HFPA President Helen Hoehne. “We appreciate our unprecedented achievement in building a truly global voting body Excited that 76% identify themselves as racially diverse. “

“Efforts to identify, engage and actively recruit a diverse electorate are a strong testament to the Golden Globes’ commitment to delivering on its promise to expand and reinvent itself,” HFPA Neil Phillips, Chief Diversity Officer, said, “This demonstrates that with the right leadership, effective community partnerships and unwavering focus, we can achieve significant transformative diversity growth. ”

81 The first Golden Globes will be held on Sunday 7th January , 2024.




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