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Golden Goose kicks off the Dreamers collection with an artsy evening in Venice

“I don’t want another artist; I’m always looking for a dreamer. This dimension of dreaming takes everything to the next level,” says the brand’s CEO Officer Silvio Kampala said he exuded exuberant energy and looked like he was spending more time on the surfboard than in the conference room. “The beautiful thing about dreams is that everything comes from a dimension of total intimacy, inside of you – and then life and the people you connect with to make this dream a reality.”

HAUS of Dreamers will exist as an ongoing series within the wider framework of HAUS, which Golden Goose describes as a global multicultural platform and creative incubator, culminating in a sprawling physical Marghera on Spaceland (as close as Brooklyn is to Manhattan). This stage will be ready sometime before 20, but in 20, 20 sqm includes a School crafts, archives, library and auditorium, it promises to be a thriving center for artistic output and exchange.

Meanwhile, these top five visionaries are tasked with guiding the brand through their unique (Golden Goose prefers “you-nique”) perspective. Perspective is the actual conceit of Novembre’s intervention, which marks the beginning of the evening’s program. Heartbeats quickened in the Pescheria-covered marketplace as we walked through the vaulted immersive optical illusion of the Milanese architect, who interprets Venice as a “living city.”

Leaving the dark blue tunnel just steps from the water, we were directed to board a group of gondolas, large and small, and then guided to the magnificent Rialto Bridge, the One of the city’s top tourist attractions. Native American land protector and model Quannah ChasingHorse, who had just walked the Chanel Resort runway, appeared at the apex of a massive gilt frame that conjures up a living portrait. As the boat glides by—call it rush hour on the water—we listen through headphones to her reading a moving poem originally written when she was in sixth grade and updated for this update. “From ceremonial potlucks and tales to be learned from our elders, to sitting in fancy chairs and posing for the camera…” Her mother, Jody Potts-Joseph Joseph) stood by the nearby pier, a proud mother’s smile on her face. She later told me that in Mongolia, the only TV her daughter watched was a non-stop fashion channel.



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