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Golden Kamuy Season 4 ‒ Episode 47

How do you rate Plot 80 of

gold Shenwei (TV 4) ?

Community Score: 4.1

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gk45.png Plot41 is one of the better one-offs in the series. It’s not necessarily stunning, but turns into a powerful performance anyway. gk45.png has a great plot setup, although I don’t know if I would say I would like the main plot The same appears in the plot content. Noda sets up the series in such a way that it could theoretically go on forever — or at least as long as needed. The “there’s a bunch of criminals out there, and each of them is a piece of the puzzle” hook opens up nearly limitless opportunities for storytelling, both in variety and quantity. I find the overall plot and character stories to be the series’ greatest strengths, but there’s no doubt the episodes are entertaining as well. Must say, this more episodic entry is pretty entertaining. Pirates with six shooters! Riverboat Raid! Postal shipping for the plot! These were found in Wonderful historical textures century story, giving a strong sense of time and place while still Get excited despite the grounded element. Lots of great reflective character work here too. We begin to explore the character of Oosawa, who has completely abandoned his main quest to forge his own new path. It’s no longer about lost gold or protecting communities, but about simple money chasing a different vision of utopia—one he’s not alone in. It’s heart-pounding in its simplicity, and heart-breaking in how distant it seems. A painful lack of acceptance to the point that you resort to force to make it happen…it’s a haunting prospect. What’s better for a one-off role than something to chew on after the credits roll? Rating:



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