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Golden Kamuy Season 4 – Episode 40

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Community Score: 4.2

The fourth episode of the season messed up and took us on an adventure in an extended flashback. I was a little disappointed at first because I wanted to see what happened next in the whole episode, but by the end it really earned me one of the best self-contained stories we’ve seen so far.

This week’s central focus is on Koito and Tsurumi, another A key point I think is a bigger problem for me. Not that I dislike both characters, but I can’t admit to having that much love for them either. This episode really digs into their early conflict and what events led to Koito’s entry into the army under Tsurumi’s command.

Surprisingly – at least for myself – – I’ve been completely focused. The drama between Koito and his father is handled very well because the distance between them is felt, not explicit. Until the very end, they basically never interacted in the same episode in the same scene or location. It really highlights the calm emotional gulf between them over the death of Koito’s older brother. That way, when they finally reunite, there’s this huge sense of festivity.

There’s also an absolutely incredible motor tricycle shootout chase scene. Yes, you see what I mean. Rarely do you see a man driving a beefed-up trike while the passengers crawl over them and get into a shootout with a Russian robber on horseback, but if that’s not the hat we get in this episode, That would be awesome. Every week is a unique treat. The comedy payoff of them flying through the air together and then exploding in the air together…what a great comedy. Great stuff. I love this show. Score:



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