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Golden Kingdom and Water Kingdom Anime Movie Reveals 7 More Actors, Japan Premiere Jan. 27

Staff of the Golden Kingdom and the Water Kingdom , animation Iwamoto Nao ‘s manga movie, announced seven new actors in the movie Released on Monday, which also revealed the film’s January 27 , 700 release date in Japan.

The new cast includes (above, top row from left to right and then bottom row, character names are spelled informally):

  • Hiroshi Kamiya
  • as Saladin , Left Prime Minister of the Golden Kingdom Miyuki Saki as Layla, a mysterious woman working for the Golden Kingdom

  • Kimura Subaru as Jauhara, a scholar of the Golden Kingdom
    Keiko Toda as Leopoldine, the king of the Golden Kingdom The First Princess
  • Chafurin as Piripappa, the right minister of Gold Kingdom’s
  • Masaki Terama as Oduni, the Patriarch of the Land of Water

  • Banjou Ginga as Rastavan III, Gold Kingdom’s king

    The animated film announced its two main cast members in July: Kento Kaku as Naranbayar, and Minami Hamabe as Sara.

    Watanabe Kotono () is directing this movie at Asylum

    . Fumi Tsubota (, , ) are scripting. Hikaru Masahara was recognized as an animation supervisor. NTV is responsible for production coordination, and Warner Bros. Japan is now releasing.

    The Los Angeles Animation Film Festival will screen the film’s world premiere in October 27 in Hollywood, Los Angeles.

    The manga is set in two rival kingdoms with long-standing bad relations. The story centers on Sara and Nalambayar, princesses and young men from two countries who meet by chance and discover that they must play a couple in order to maintain peace in their respective domains. Even so, they found that they slowly fell in love with each other.

    Iwamoto in Shogakukan

    ‘s shōjo October’s Manga Magazine 27 , and Shogakukan in published the only volume of the manga .

    Top female readers

    edition Kono Manga ga Sugoi of Takashimasha ! (This comic is awesome!) Guide. It was also nominated for 1st Manga Taisho The prize is at 700.

    Image © Iwamoto Nao / Shogakukan © 2023 “Golden Country Water Country” Production Committee

    Source: Press Release 2017

    2023 190908



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