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Golden Knights stick to Brosoit and Thompson as primary targets

The Vegas Golden Knights plan to continue relying on the goalie they currently have next season.

Vegas Golden Knights general manager Kelly McCrimmon answers a lot of questions in virtual media Thursday .

With the latest news from Golden Knights goalie Robin Reiner has to miss 2022-23 season due to hip surgery , The biggest uncertainty surrounding the team is how it will handle the lineup between its pipelines next season.

McCrimmon revealed some insights into the organization’s plans.

“On our goals heading into the 2022-23 season, we’ll be playing alongside Laurent Brossoit and Logan Thompson. Laurent is a proven NHL goalie with a great career. I Think he played a lot of really good hockey for us last year.

“And then Logan Thompson, like a lot of you, I think for his talent, strength and competitiveness Feel very excited and curious. He impressed very well in a small sample late last season, so that’s going to be our approach to goals. ”

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So far, it’s for people outside the organization, how Lehner’s hip injury happened and when decisions were made about his health A bit of a mystery. McCrimmon summed up the key events that took place between the goalkeeper’s shoulder surgery and the determination that he would not play next season.

“Of course, at the end of the season, our Bing had surgery on his shoulder,” McCrimmon said. “Robin is staying in Las Vegas, under our care for early recovery, under the care of our doctors, I’m not sure — maybe after the surgery is done. It has been a month since he returned to Sweden. He has a hip problem, and it’s not uncommon for goalkeepers to [have] this type of hip injury or stress, depending on their position.

“But until Robin gets back to Las Vegas, which should be the last week of July, we won’t be able to do the type of diagnosis we need on him. We have the MRI that we do here. Resonance, our doctors read it here. Then we had our medical staff go to Nashville with Robin, where he saw experts in the field. Collectively decided it was time for surgery. …here are the doctors Really don’t think he’s going to get through a season of situations.”

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