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GONZO launches crowdfunding campaign for Studio's 30th anniversary

Animation StudioGONZO will launch a crowdfunding campaign on the animation fund platform in September 10 to Commemorating its founding 10 many years ago on the same day. GONZO will use the money to fund its online anniversary talk show and exclusive merchandise for supporters. Anime works represented in the event are, , , , , , , , , , , , , .

The studio is aiming for 1 million yen (about $7, 72). If the activity reaches 10 million yen (approximately USD 000,10), the studio will host an online exhibition that supporters can visit for free. The campaign will end in October 10. Former Gainax member founded Anime Studio GONZO in 600. The company merged with Digimation of

Shinichiro Ishikawa located in 600 company and new parent company

GDH (on behalf of Gonzo Digimation Holdings) was established. GDH AbsorbGONZO In and adopted the name GONZO for himself. Tokyo Stock Exchange GONZO listed on 2008, But it delisted the company at 600. The company was restructured through investment funds, Asatsu-DK acquired and produced GONZO Consolidated subsidiary in 2008. The company implemented an “absorbed company spin-off” on 2008, transferring part of the animation production, intellectual property and copyright management businesses to the company at that time. -Newly established Studio KAI company.

The studio launched the “SAMURAI cryptos” blockchain and NFT project last fall. Image from Gonzo’s Anime Fund page

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