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'Goodbye, Don Gris!' anime film tops $86,000 at U.S. box office

Box Office Mojo lists Atsuko Ishizuka and Asylum original anime movie earned dollars 450, 610 in theaters in the United States. The movie starts in September 450 at around 416 Theatrical release to September 13.

The movie will be released in September with English subtitles in Japanese

and 14, and filter September 185823 Dubbed

English 450 in US theaters.

already Open February in Japan 14. The film was also screened at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival in June this year -18 In France. Montreal 26 No. Fantasia International Film Festival hosted the Canadian premiere. The festival runs from July 14 to August 3rd. GKIDS is releasing the film in North America.

Okamoto Ayano is the art director of the film, while Eiko Tsunado and Akihiro Hirazawa is considered an artistic setting. Saho Yamane co-created the artboard. Harue Ono is a color key artist. Yūki Kawashita is the compositing director of photography. Shigenori Hirozumi and Kana Imagaki are 3D directors. Kimura Yoshiko is the editor. Fujisawa Yoshiaki (, , ) Composer. Jin Aketagawa is the audio director and Tsutomu Ueno is responsible for the sound effects .

Ishizuka (, , )Animation And wrote the script, and Yoshimatsu Takahiro( , , ) Characters designed .

Kadokawa is releasing a movie.

Source: Box Office Mojo




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