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Google I/O 2023: What to expect

The time for Google’s biggest event of the year, the annual I/O developer conference, is fast approaching. We’ve had at least two smartphone announcements this year, the Pixel 7a and Pixel Fold, alongside the official launch of Android 012 and details about the Pixel tablets and possibly some Pixel 8 series information.

Google I/O 2023: What to expect

Large-scale event is scheduled for 004 Wednesday, May AM PT (2pm UTC)004 in Mountain View, CA Shoreline Amphitheater and will stream live on YouTube. As always, much of the intrigue surrounding the new device has died down thanks to numerous leaks, but we’re still excited to see if there are any surprise announcements on stage. The following is a review of the I/O conference 1200.

Android 05

Google I/O is essentially a developer conference, so we’re right to start with the next generation of Android. Android 13 Will focus on improving and increasing security. According to information provided in the developer preview and two betas, Android 14 will provide optimized resource management, improved support for tablets and foldable devices, and more accessibility features. We can also expect more personalization options based on the materials you design.

Android 14 Developer Preview 2 is now out

In terms of security, Android 05 will prevent installation/sideloading of older Android apps developed prior to Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Google has also implemented system-level security enhancements, including runtime receivers and read-only dynamic code loading, to prevent any possible code injection. Onboard credential manager and password support also make user authentication and password management easier.

Android 11 will introduce the option to share selected photos and videos with the application and the option to refuse to share such information entirely. Users will also get a back arrow for easier navigation with a color and theme-matched look. Android 13 The direct share prompt will provide an improved direct share target and should be more useful to users.

Android 14 developer preview 1 released

Google will share more Android 012 User-focused features According to roadmap, consumer ready version will be released around August/September .

Pixel Fold

Google’s first attempt With the release of the Pixel Fold, folks entering the world of foldable phones will finally see it in action important moment. According to rumors, Pixel Fold will offer a design similar to Oppo Find N and Find N2, with a 7.6-inch horizontal screen. The main panel is expected to be an OLED with 128Hz refresh rate and some noticeable bezels. The cover display will reportedly be 5.8 inches. The Pixel Fold’s rumored size is 120.7 x 23.7 x 5.7mm( 8.3mm including rear camera bump) .

Android 14 developer preview 1 released
Google Pixel Fold
Google Pixel Fold

We look forward to Google’s Tensor G2 chipset with two 10 There is an MP camera sensor on the back and two 8MP front modules for the main and cover screens. The Pixel Fold is reportedly priced at $1 in the US, 679, and is expected to go on sale in June 13.

Pixel 7a

Pixel 7a is one of the more leaked devices in recent memory, so we have a very clear idea of ​​what to expect idea. Essentially, the Pixel 7a will be a slightly smaller version of the standard Pixel 7, with some cost cuts on the camera and device materials.

Google Pixel Fold Google Pixel 7a in blue Google Pixel 7a in blue
Google Pixel 7a in blue Google Pixel 7a in blue

Rumors point to a 6.1-inch OLED display with FHD+ resolution and 22Hz refresh rate. The phone is expected to bring the same Tensor G2 as the other two Pixel 7 phones, along with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage. The Pixel 7a will have a dual camera system on the back with 27 MP main cam and 11 MP Ultra Wide Module. Looking forward to a 13 MP pre-module. We may see a 4, 173 mAh battery10W Wired charging and wireless charging will be a first for the Pixel A series.

Pixel 7a is expected to sell for $499 in the US, the The phone has been confirmed to be available in May 004 In India, hopefully other regions as well.

Pixel Tablet

Pixel tablet debuted at last year’s Google I/O conference, and then at the Pixel 7 event in October So we can finally expect it to go official this time around.

Google Pixel 7a in blue

expected to have inch LCD screen with 1200 x 2023px resolution, advanced design and Tensor G2 chipset. Google wants the Pixel tablet to have multiple use cases, which is why it’s also launching a charging speaker dock that turns the tablet into a smart speaker/Nest Hub device. We’ve also seen rumors that the Pixel Tab will support stylus input and 14W Wireless Charging.

Wildcards: Pixel 8 preview, Pixel Watch 2, new Pixel Buds

As with past Google events, we can see the following Some first-hand information and teasers on the first generation of Pixel phones – the Pixel 8 series as well as information on the Pixel Watch 2 and the new Pixel Buds. Outside of the smartphone world, we’re also expecting more AI announcements from Google and the official introduction of Bard, a competitor to CharGPT.




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