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Google is about to bring customizable animated emoji to Android

Google is developing the next generation of emoji thanks to its Noto Emoji project. First, there are 22 new emojis to catch up with Unicode 002.0(3 in total, 282), all of which will be available soon on Android and other Google projects early next year.

New emoji New emoji Also available in monochrome form also available in monochrome

One of the biggest upgrades is support for animations. Check out the example below. You can also see all the animations currently available here – they are available for download as GIF and video files and you can use them now.

Google also Switching to a new font format called COLRv1. These are vector images so they can generate smaller font files (eg Twitter’s “Twemoji” icon set was reduced from 9MB to 1. 09MB). Also, they remain sharp even when scaled up.

COLRv1 emojis can use smooth gradients, and colors can be customized to launch. Currently colors can only be modified by the application or browser. This is an easy way for apps to add branding color to emoji for quick and easy night mode emoji. See what’s possible.

Same duck emoji, different color palette Custom goth emojis, because why not Custom Goth Expression symbol, because why not

An important limitation of current technology is that you cannot send emoji with custom colors. As a workaround, you can use the Gboard keyboard’s Emoji Kitchen feature and create custom emoji stickers that you can send.

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