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Google is redesigning Gboard

Google’s Android keyboard app is Gboard, which has been a staple for messaging and typing on millions, if not billions, of devices. NowAndroid Police found out that the app is being redesigned and beta testers have seen where the changes are.

The main visual improvements are a revamped toolbar that allows you to finally customize it with more than four options, and the voice search button can finally be removed.

Gboard before and now Gboard before and now Gboard before and now Gboard before and now Gboard before and now

Currently circles with arrows just hide or show four customizable features. The button will change to include four squares, and the three-dot menu will disappear to make room for more shortcuts. The micromenu for functions has also been redesigned, leaving room for more customization in the future. We’ll use rectangles instead of six circles to take all the places.

Google is also working on a new privacy menu in Gboard settings. It’s mostly a feature in the advanced menu, but it’s now under a new tab that makes it easier to navigate and control the keyboard app’s privacy features. The beta program is open to everyone via Google Play, the new version is




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