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Google loses EU appeal, ordered to pay 4.1 billion euros fine

The General Court of the European Union confirmed that Google had abused its dominance as Android provider and fined it 4.1 billion euros. The decision is the latest development in the 2018 case when the European Union Competition Commission fined the California-based company for bundling the Android operating system with Google services.

Google loses appeal against EU, ordered to pay €4.1 billion fine

Court upheld initial claims that Google let phone makers pre-install Chrome browser and search apps as part of a revenue-sharing program. The ruling confirmed the vast majority of the original charges, but disagreed that revenue sharing was also part of the original abuse, so the fine was reduced from the original €4.3 billion.

This is the second highest EU court, which means Google can appeal again to the EU’s highest court, the Luxembourg Court. Android “creates more, not less, choice for everyone and supports thousands of successful businesses in Europe and around the world,” the company wrote in a statement.





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