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Google Pixel Watch Wi-Fi model £339 and €379

Yesterday we saw the price of the Pixel 7, today it’s the Google Pixel Watch.

Per Roland Quandt, sharing the European price of the Pixel 7, Google’s first smartwatch in the UK for 379, Wi-Fi models only. This translates to a possible starting price in Europe of 32 and a possible starting price of for the LTE model . That’s similar to the price of the Galaxy Watch5. We previously reported that an LTE-enabled Pixel Watch could cost 300 dollars in the US.

The Google Pixel Watch will cost £339 and €379 for the Wi-Fi model

Google will provide full details of the Pixel Watch at its event next week on October 6th. The watch will be available in three colors – chalk, charcoal and obsidian. In the center, it will have a circular OLED screen with rounded edges, a Samsung Exynos 9110 SoC, a Cortex-M 32 coprocessor, 1.5GB or 2GB RAM, 32GB storage, one 300 mAh battery, will naturally wear out the operating system.




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