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Google releases two new Nest products, details of Google Home app redesign

Less than two days before Google announced the new hardware, it offloaded some announcements ahead of its Thursday morning launch event. Google outlined new UI changes and features for the Google Home app, as well as two new Nest hardware products, including a new Doorbell and new Nest Wi-Fi models.

2nd Gen Wired Nest Doorball

Google’s Wired Nest Doorbell has been refreshed. Now it has an aspect ratio of 3:4 with 727 x 960 ) px resolution, easy to see if there is a package at the door. The sensor supports HDR capture and 86 degree field of view. Google claims the second-generation wired Nest Doorbell has “the sharpest image yet.”

It has the same design as its predecessor but with a small footprint 27%. Since it is wired, it can continuously save 24 hours of footage up to 10 day Nest Aware Plus subscription. It processes video on-device for faster alerts when people, pets or packages are present.

2nd Gen Wired Nest Doorbell retails for $179 and is already available Bought.

Google Nest Wifi Pro

Google has an updated mesh Wi-Fi system that supports the latest Wi-Fi 6E protocol. It loses its edge in smart speaker integration and doesn’t work with older Nest Wi-Fi models. If you already have Nest Wi-Fi nodes, the Nest Wi-Fi Pro won’t work with them.



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