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Google shows off Pixel Watch's unique design in latest video teaser

Google’s product announcements are definitely more and more… different Recently, with the Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Pixel Watch teasers culminating in May until October It was officially released on the 6th.

But Google hasn’t stood still from May until now – it’s already revealed the chipsets inside the phones along with their color variants and pre-order start dates, and it’s time for us today Learn more about the Pixel Watch. So here are the wearables, from every angle, in every color, in a great video preview:

The only remaining mystery here is how big the round bezel will be, considering how much Google seems to like a black-only dial, we’re guessing “huge” – but hopefully we’re wrong . The design looks very unique and awesome, but a massive bezel would spoil that look, a lot.

Proprietary strap connection system is also demonstrated in this video, so if you are looking to connect your existing 20- or -mm strap series fitted to this smartwatch, you’re out of luck. Google would certainly say that the proprietary system makes the watch look more streamlined, and it does, but it also feels a) “inspired” by Apple and b) trying to make easy money from accessory sales.

The Pixel Watch is rumored to sell for around -350 EUR Wi-Fi/Bluetooth only, approx $



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