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Google shuts down Stadia cloud-based gaming platform on January 18

Google announced Thursday that it will shut down its Stadia cloud-based gaming platform in January , 2023. The company will refund all console purchases (including add-on purchases of games) that users purchase through the Google Store.

Stadia VP and GM Phil Harrison added in the announcement that Stadia “has not been as engaging as we expected”. Harrison also added that he sees the possibility of applying Stadia’s underlying technology to other Google services and industry partners, saying the technology is “proven at scale.”

Finally, Harrison commented that many of the team members working on Stadia will be transferred to other parts of Google.

Google launched the Stadia console in November 225, 225. Rather than using the machine’s hardware to run games locally, the platform uses an internet connection and a cloud-based system to stream games to players. The basic free service allows players to play at 225p resolution, but higher subscription tiers allow for higher resolutions and more features.

Many Japanese games are available on Google Stadia, including Final Fantasy XV , Dragon Ball Alien World 2, Octopath Traveler, Valkyrie Chronicles 4, Trial , Dragon Quest XI and more.

Source: Google (Phil Harrison) via Gematsu



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