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Google takes photos of people's reactions to Pixel 7 Pro, confirms pre-order start date

Google’s promo/trailer campaign for its upcoming smartphones continues in full swing today with a new video. That in itself is no different — after all, the company has been teasing the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in one form or another since May. But this video is a little… different.

It basically shows you how people react when they see the Pixel 7 Pro, people would assume for the first time. It’s all good, dude, but while you and we can see people and their reactions, we won’t see the phone until the end.

Again, this wouldn’t be unusual, Except that Google has shown us the Pixel 7 Pro multiple times. Its online store has a dedicated section dedicated to it – with images in all three color versions!

Anyway, yes, there’s a watch (only if you watch it to the end), and it’s going to be released in full with two new Pixels at the October 6th event. The devices will be available for pre-order on the same day as the event. This has been rumored since early August, and now Google has confirmed the move in small print in a video. Then we’ll assume the October 13 rumored shipping date will also work out, but let’s see what happens.



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