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Google updates weather, Fitbit and phone apps ahead of Pixel Watch event

Ahead of the Google hardware event, we expect to see some updates to core Wear OS apps on the Pixel Watch. Phone, Fitbit and weather apps are all being updated ahead of the new wearable launch event.

Wear OS has a new Weather app for 3 smart watches. The app is simple and just shows the weather for the wearer’s current location. Once permission is granted, it will display weather information, UV index, precipitation, and forecasts for the next 8 hours and the next 5 days from

Both “Forecast” and “UV Index” have Tiles, and there are two complications that show “UV Index” and “Weather”.

Next, Google’s Phone app has been added to the Play Store on Wear OS for easier and more frequent app updates . The Phone app on Wear OS makes phone calls possible, whether via Bluetooth or an LTE-independent smartwatch.

UI has larger icons and larger text for better visibility of caller names.

Finally, the Fitbit app for Android has been updated with a new UI. There are now three main tabs: Discover, Today and Community. The “Advanced” tab has been removed.

Otherwise, the Play Store listing includes some Wear OS screenshots.

Last month, it was revealed that the Fitbit app will require a Google account starting next year.

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