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Google worked on a second foldable phone with the Pixel Fold, but then canceled it

If you’ve heard rumors that Google has been working on not one but two foldable smartphones over the past few months (and years), it turns out those rumors were true, even though the company ultimately only One of them, the Pixel Fold, was announced.

Apparently, the same team responsible for the Pixel Fold has developed a second foldable smartphone. Another device was clearly “not good enough,” which is why it was eventually canceled and never made it to market. The team believes it should only launch devices that are good enough or better than existing devices.

Google developed a second foldable alongside the Pixel Fold but canceled it

Unfortunately, this confession, recorded as part of an official Google podcast produced by Google, does not contain further details about this device. So we don’t know if it will have the exact same form factor as the Pixel Fold, or if it’s going the “flip” route. We may never know, but the point is that the search giant’s development team decided that the Pixel Fold was the better device of the two, which is why it survived and the other didn’t.




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