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Google's October Android update is coming, may be the last update for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL

As you probably already know, Google releases monthly Android updates for its supported Pixel phones on the first Monday of every month (unless it happens to be a holiday in the US). Now that it’s the first Monday of the month, there will of course be new updates pointing to Pixel 4 and later devices.

Speaking of the Pixel 4, this should be the end of the line because it’s the same as the Pixel 4 XL. According to Google’s update schedule, this is the last guarantee these two will get, so if you’re still holding on to one, maybe it’s finally time to upgrade — didn’t you know, the company is releasing a new one this month A generation of pixels! Talk about perfect timing, right?

Google's October Android update is rolling out, maybe the last one for the Pixel 4 and 4 XL

That being said, be aware that Google may actually be sending a final update to these phones in the next few weeks – it has already

The October update brought some audio-related fixes (one for an issue that caused noise artifacts during a wired headset call, another for volume controls in media player notifications not working), and fixes An issue that caused available Wi-Fi networks to not be visible in the network selection menu.

Launcher crash when connecting to VPN Also fixed widget compatibility issues, crash when playing audio from local storage, bug causing empty quick settings tile to be displayed, and making working profiles Toggle button is having issues with truncated in app drawer.

As with google update, it may take days or even weeks until all devices are on w I will get this update. The new build number is TP1A.221005., except for the Pixel 6a, which gets TP1A. 221005. 003.




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