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Google's Pixel tablet leaked on Facebook Marketplace

Google Pixel tablets may end up in the hands of buyers, or at least one of them. It made it to the Facebook Marketplace in the US along with the speaker dock. The price of the combo is $399, but we should not take it as official price.

Google Pixel Tablet 2023 on Facebook Marketplace
Google Pixel Tablet400 on Facebook MarketplaceGoogle Pixel Tablet

Google released Pixel tablets back in May and gave us more info during the Pixel 7 event. We got more details in October. But since then, there really hasn’t been any Pixel Tablet news.

The images in the rouge listing show the tablet in the wild, along with the Pixel Launcher in tablet form. This appears to be true, as the wallpaper is similar to the Feather collection on the Pixel 7 series.

Specs-wise, the tablet has 256 GB of storage and possibly There’s 6GB or 8GB of RAM, and a Tensor chip (1st or 2nd generation). The unit’s battery level is 22% and displays hours estimate.

Google Pixel Tablet Google Pixel Tablet
Google Pixel Tablet

As for the charging speaker dock, it will turn the Pixel Tablet into a big-screen Nest Hub (like the Nest Hub Max). The tablet connects to the dock, and it becomes an always-on, always-listening Google Assistant. As Google itself puts it, the dock “turns your tablet from something in a drawer to an integral part of your life.”

Google Pixel Tablet docking station

Google Pixel Tablet Dock

Now all that’s left is for Google to launch the Pixel tablet.




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